Wakeboard Obstacles

A main focus of Valley Wake Park  is to have a wide variety of obstacles to make every pass exciting.  Here's a listing of obstacles available at the park. Obstacles are a great way to develop your wake boarding skills and with different levels of difficulty there is a trick to be had for everyone! 

4' wide butter box - ride on one way, ollie on the way back. Perfect box to learn on.

Incline rail with angled skirting - ride the incline up and jump off or ollie up and wall ride the sides.

This is the big daddy - 58' modified rooftop/A frame rail. The various kink angles and lengths will give you a different ride depending which way you hit it. Best of all, it comes in two pieces so we can break it apart and use it as separate rails to mix things up.

We have FOUR kickers at the park for all your big air enjoyment.  Just like the mountain, we have them in Small, Medium, and Extra Large so you can go as huge as you like.  Every kicker is 8' wide with a gradual curve to get you booted.