About the CaBle Park

Cable Wakeboarding is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide!  Come experience it for yourself and you will quickly see why.   Careful, it's quite addicting - you might just end up making Valley Wake Park your second home!


We have two separate Sesitec System 2.0 cable systems on site for cable wakeboarding.  Each system spans approximately 700' so you have plenty of time to work on surface tricks, air tricks, and hit some features with each pass. 


Each system is independently controlled so your operator will custom tailor your experience just for you!  Just starting out?  No worries - our trained staff will teach you how to get up on the water in no time.  The upward pull of the cable and precise speed control ensures an extremely high success rate, even with absolutely no experience!  Your acceleration, top speed, and turn around points will be set to your needs and skill level.


For experienced riders looking to perfect their skills, there's nothing quite like riding a System 2.0.  Riding cable is the number one way to push your progression.  You can attempt that new trick over and over again in such a short period of time, you'll be building up your riding resume in no time.