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Covid-19 Update

Come join us this summer as we teach the basics of wakeboarding. There are a couple different reasons why learning how to wakeboard on a cable system is the easiest way to learn how to wakeboard. The towers and wakeboard line is high above the water, pulling kids more upwards in comparison to a boat where the pull is mostly forwards. Secondly, the cable system have a lot more control compared to a boat, allowing our instructors to run the kids at a slower speed until they build their confidence up. Finally, more time is spend actually wakeboarding since we can drive the handle right to the kids instead of having to circle back the boat and leaving the kids in the water waiting. Our summer camps are for kids age 7-17, where we teach how to get up on a wakeboard, proper posture, how to steer, as well as some basic tricks and how to hit a jump if the kids are up for it. 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to offer summer camps through the city this year. This being said we still want to host your kids for a summer camp experience. If you would like to run your own summer camp we welcome you to email us and we can set it up. There are several things to note........

-Due to Covid-19 restrictions, rental equipment must be sanitized between different social groups, therefore everyone in your group booking must be part of the same social group in order to share equipment.


-We would like to have a booking of at least 3 people, adults can take part as well, for at least 3 days to be eligible for summer camp pricing, starting at 100$ per hour.

         Through City camps, each kid would have roughly 20 minutes a day, but we highly recommend 30                   minutes for a better wakeboarding experience.

        *booking more days and bringing more people means potential for 10% discount 

-Due to Covid-19 restrictions, staff must stay 6 feet away from customers, except due to emergencies, therefore we will require more parental involvement in the camps with helping get young kids in gear and being out on the water. 

If you have any additional questions or would like to set up a private camp please email us at info@valleywakepark.com.

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