Valley Wake Park is Greater Vancouver's first cable wakeboarding park and the easiest way to get out on the water. Our cable systems are a great way to introduce yourself to the wonderful world of wakeboarding. No boat? No problem!


What makes cable wakeboarding popular? Basically, it's ideal for riders who have limited or no access to a boat, being both less expensive and less of a hassle than traditional boat wakeboarding. Our cable park is clean, efficient, quiet, and environmentally friendly when compared to the alternative. Not worrying about a boat means that you can ride more sets in a day than you ever could behind a boat, and it's more forgiving on your body as well. Most importantly, there's an extremely high level of crossover between cable wakeboarding and doing it behind a boat, so you can pull off any trick that you could do normally.


It's the perfect solution for anyone looking to enter the adrenaline-filled world of wakeboarding with none of the downsides, and one of the best things to do in Abbotsford!


Why is it so popular?


What makes cable so cool? Basically, cable is ideal for riders who have limited or no access to a boat. It’s drastically less expensive compared to all the costs involved with boat wakeboarding, with a lot less hassle. Cableways are clean, efficient, quiet, and overall, very environmentally friendly. You can ride many more sets in a day than you ever could behind the boat. Riding on the cable actually helps your riding behind the boat. And it’s more forgiving on your body than boat wakeboarding. But the best part is, you can do every trick on the cable that can be done behind the boat, and more. And, thanks to all the above, it’s the perfect gateway for anyone who wants to get into the world of wakeboarding.

Let’s look at that again. No expensive boat, no gasoline, no maintenance, no air or water pollution, no traffic-clogged lake, no set up or cleanup necessary, less risk on your body, and you can still become one of the top wakeboarders in the world, all while having a great time with your friends. Nice concept, wouldn’t you think?


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About the Cable Park

How does cable wakeboarding work?
An overhead cable stretches across the lake, suspended in the air by a series of towers. Along the cable, a ski rope is attached to carriers and pulls the rider across the lake, performing a 180 degree turn at each end of the run. When you're finished your set, you simply let go near the starting dock and make a short swim back to shore.


How is it called 'wakeboarding' when there's no wake to ride?

It's a slightly different method, but it's still a wakeboard, and the tricks you can perform using a cable are identical to ones behind a boat.


How does it compare to riding behind a boat?

Since the angle of the rope is higher on the cable than behind a boat, the pull is slightly different, but luckily this means more lift (and potentially hang time). This lift makes certain tricks, like double S-bends, even easier to pull off than behind a boat.


The feel of the cable is less stiff and more forgiving than a boat cable, which makes learning and mastering tricks even easier than by the traditional way. You name the trick - it's been done on the cable!


I have never tried wakeboarding before. Can I do it?

Absolutely! Our Sesitec System 2.0 cable setup is by far the simplest and easiest way to learn to wakeboard. The upward pulls enable effortless starts, and has proven that it provides the gentlest beginner's learning curve on the market. System 2.0 provides a continuous ride that allows a better learning platform for beginners than traditional towing methods.


How old do I have to be to use the wakeboarding park?

We don't have a set age limit, but generally ages 6 and up can ride the wakepark. However, even younger children have mastered it on their first try! Being comfortable in the water and basic swimming skills are an asset - if they can ski, ice-skate or skateboard, they likely have the balance and muscle memory skills to wakeboard.


Are there a lot of riders crossing over between boat and cable?
Yes, there's a crossover. Mike Ferraro, one of the world's top wakeboard and water-ski coaches, regularly advises his students and elite athletes to cross-train on the cable whenever possible. It's a terrific teaching tool, and tricks are the same using either method.


How do you start?

You begin at the starting dock, with one end of the rope in your hand and the other end in the carrier set in front of you. When you're ready to go, the operator starts to move the carrier forward, pulling you off the starting dock and out onto the water.


What happens if you fall?
You simply position yourself under the cable and the operator will guide the carrier back to you. Once you're ready again with the rope in your hands, the operator guides the cable forward and the rope will pull you back out of the water.


How many people can ride at the same time?
Our systems can handle one rider at a time, per system. What this means is individual attention from the cable operator, who can customize your pull to your preference and skill level. With the advice and customization you'll get, it's effectively wakeboard coaching if you're just starting out!  Once one set is over, the next person will have a handle in their hand within seconds.


How do you do those 'big air' tricks?
Behind a boat, you'd ride up the wake to get air - on the cable, you lean back to set your edge and load the line to build up tension, then snap the wakeboard behind you to launch yourself into the air like a slingshot. Once you're in the air, the entire menu of aerial tricks is at your disposal, and the adrenaline rush is second to none.


What about sliders and kickers?

Features like sliders and kickers are showing up at cable parks around the world, quickly becoming an integral part of the sport. With sliders and kickers available, the number of tricks you can perform goes up exponentially: not just air tricks, but grinds, spins... the only limit is your imagination.


What about wakeskating on the cable?

 The cable park is a wakeskater's dream, with the variety of obstacles (and tricks) available and the ability to fall dozens of times and get right back up. Wakeskaters now comprise almost a third of the riders on the cable.


What if I don't have any equipment?

You can rent any gear you may need on-site - boards, bindings, lifejackets, helmets and wetsuits. We also have a fully stocked pro shop with all the latest gear.


Can I drink alcohol or use drugs before riding the cable?

 If we suspect you are under the influence, you are not permitted to ride the cable park. If you have pre-booked and paid for a spot, there will be no refunds due to drug or alcohol use. Please come to the park with a clear and level head.


Do I need to sign up or can I just come down?

 We do limit the number or riders per hour, so we strongly encourage you to pre-book your time slot to avoid disappointment, especially during peak periods. Click on the 'Book Online' tab to the left to access our online booking system and view what spots are available. If you haven't visited the park before, be sure to fill out a waiver form and bring it with you.


Do I have to ride the cables to come to the park?

 Of course not! Our facility is fully public, and even if you don't want to try out the cable, we encourage you to come down and watch others. There are a few local pros, and if you're lucky enough to catch them in action, you're sure to be in awe. There are also plenty of other activities to do at the park, so grab the kids and a blanket and find a great spot on the beach.


I read this entire page and you still didn't answer my question!

We're sorry! Send us an email at info@valleywakepark.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.